“By helping to support VetFusion© to provide communities for Veterans,
donors create their legacy which will last for centuries. Communities we build
today will be there— helping people— long after all of us are gone.”

NOTICE: The filing of VetFusion as Non-profit in Florida was done on March 30th initially with three people on the Board.
During CEOSpace in Orlando, Florida in May, CEOSpace members can request to serve on the board
and an Articles of Amendment will be filed to add these people as Board Members.

On the Add Me to the Board List are:  Chris Salem, Daniel Ruke, ...

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Board Members
Bruce Barbre, President
President:  Bruce Barbre, Vietnam Veteran.  Bruce served 6 active years in the Army and was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious service while in Vietnam.  Bruce's passion is helping people and as a Veteran, Vets are at the top of his list of people to help.  With over 6 years as a Journeyman carpenter and over 4 years experience as an architectural draftsman, Bruce has work experience in several industries which gives him a bird's eye view of projects he gets involved with.  VetFusion is a perfect fit for Mr. Barbre and Mr. Barbre is a perfect fit for VetFusion.
Morgana Starr
Board Member: Morgana Starr has a passion for helping Veterans being the grand daughter of a World War II vet.  Her significant other is a retired Air Force veteran having served for 26 years. Morgana works with Veteran charities in her community and brings a rich spirit of charitable giving to the VetFusion Board of Advisors.

Morgana is the co-founder of the Angelic Institute and Angels Oasis, where intuitives are trained and certified to Awaken, Enhance and become Empowered in order to have a bigger impact on this world. Morgana is a published author, whose private sessions bring a greater sense of peace, balance and hope into a person's life. Her company often participates in supporting charities. They are proud to make VetFushion one of their charities, by supporting those who have given so much for our country, yet have lost so much.
Board Member: Tiffany Daniels is an xray technician.  She has experience in retail management, executive secretarial experience, and manages her family finances. Tiffany is passionate about life and strives to do her best in all her endeavors.  Tiffany's creative talents and attention to detail will add to VetFusion's ability to keep financial matters in check. 

Board of Advisers
* Chris Salem is an accomplished international keynote speaker, corporate mindset trainer, change strategist, best-selling author, radio show host, and wellness advocate partnering with corporate business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs to have sustainable success at the next level by resolving the root cause to their mindset barriers.

He has a special passion for empowering them to take their business and life to another level by operating in the solution rather than the problem. Chris shares from experience what has worked successfully for him through understanding the root cause behind the effects of limiting patterns in our business and personal lives. He is the originator of the term Prosperneur™—an individual whose health and wealth are in alignment in a way that leads to true prosperity. His book Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity addresses this and went international Best Seller in November 2016.
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Advisory Board Member
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Advisory Board Member

* On list to be added to Board in May 2017. 

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