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“By helping to support VetFusion to provide communities for Veterans,  donors create their legacy which will last for centuries. Communities we build  today will be there— helping people— long after all of us are gone.”

CCNC Visitors Center
Proposed Visitor Center to be built near the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Florida

Estimated Cost (units and land only):
Land: $275,000
16 20' Domes: $650,000
16 24' Domes $940,000
2 40' Domes $816,000
80' Dome Dining Facility $653,000
25,000 Dome Visitors Center $3.25 million
3200 Sq/ft Foyer $400,000

Total Estimate: $6,984,000 plus additional construction cost
and furnishings etc.

VetFusion will use Dome Home Communties designed by XcalibR Real Estate Developmentto provide Safe Affordable Homes for  Veterans.(#LowCostHomes4Vets).

Dome Home Interior Samples

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Sample Configurations


71 acres

6 circles

8 domes

Dome Elevation

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